Our Story

French born designer Allison Kadoche began her career as a model after being scouted by top modeling agency while walking the streets of Paris. She then went on to work with some of the biggest fashion houses around the world. Inspired by the beauty of all the places she had the privilege to discover, she started developing an obsession for some of the most fascinating gemstones and their power to influence both the physical and psychological.

Having always been driven by her passion for fashion, Allison started almost naturally to express her creativity through the design of high-end jewellery. Three years after creating her first piece, Jake was founded.

Allison creates each collection with her unique ability to capture and harmonize materials, colours and textures, creating an edgy yet everyday look. She believes jewellery should be for everyone and anyone, and takes pride in satisfying both women and men’s guilty pleasure for high-end pieces. Wearing Jake jewellery will quickly become an experience you won’t be able to live without.